Since businesses are evolving and new great innovations are being made, businesses and business owners are finding their way to the internet which is a very easy and most effective means of making your business global and easily accessible to nearly everyone in any part of the world. Buyer on the other hand are not now constrained to that shop in their location rather they now seek whatever goods or services they desire right there on the internet. This great innovation needs to be managed properly and by capable hands in order to achieve its good purpose, and that is why there is an emergence of many software and e-commerce in which Shopify and eBay are among them. eBay is wildly known for their online business transactions which actually is one of the best in the world. eBay is greatly focused on providing choice and selected inventory across to buyers around the globe and they have over 169 million active buyers all over. Shopify, on the other hand, is a total solution to e-commerce as it allows you to set up your own online store to sell your goods and services efficiently and effectively. The integration of this two giant online business just got better. Shopify merchants will now be able to surface or showcase their brands and goods to a multitude of new customers over 169 million from eBay and eBay customers also will enjoy the new variety of products and brands with are made available for them from Shopify. Actually, the will a great interchange of customers and business growth which is brought forth by this integration.

The instant sync of inventory information such as price, quantity, product title and description, and item specification by Shopify merchants from Shopify to eBay will be made possible by this integration. Also, orders from customers will be imported to Shopify and merchants can fulfill the order from either platform in one location. Communication will also be effective as messages from eBay buyers will be visible in Shopify to keep the sellers informed with important information.

With the integration of Shopify which is the top cloud-based multi-channel e-commerce platform and eBay global marketplace, doing business online only got easier, more fun and better for both Shopify merchants as they will easily manage their product catalog across the features on their dashboard and the customers (buyers) as they have even more products to order from.

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-Michael Brennan

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